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Domain Pricing

TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
com 1 $14.99CAD $14.99CAD $14.99CAD
ca 1 $19.95CAD $19.95CAD $19.95CAD
net 1 $14.95CAD $14.95CAD $14.95CAD
org 1 $14.95CAD $14.95CAD $14.95CAD
quebec 1 $54.95CAD $54.95CAD $54.95CAD
biz 1 $14.95CAD $14.95CAD $14.95CAD
info 1 $15.95CAD $15.95CAD $15.95CAD
bar 1 $84.95CAD $84.95CAD $84.95CAD
buzz 1 $52.95CAD $52.95CAD $52.95CAD
pro 1 $27.95CAD $27.95CAD $27.95CAD
rocks 1 $23.95CAD $23.95CAD $23.95CAD
dance 1 $32.95CAD $32.95CAD $32.95CAD
host 1 $129.95CAD $129.95CAD $129.95CAD
de 1 $24.95CAD $24.95CAD $24.95CAD